DIY-Coffee Hair Dye

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hi readers,

I get asked A LOT what my natural hair color is and honestly I have no idea. I personally think that is kind of a boring question to ask someone because who has natural colored hair anymore? If I had to be totally honest and think back REALLY REALLY far I think my "natural" hair color is mousy blond. I have been every color in-between and luckily because of my pale skin I look alright in most hair colors. I have been in love with pretending to be more Russian than I actually am and enjoy sporting really dark brunette hair. My hairdresser would be made at me but I am a lover of dying my own hair. I've noticed that if you are going dark for hair color it's really hard to screw it up. I buy professional products from Sally Beauty Supply so I'm not just purchasing the over-the-counter Walgreens hair dye.

I came across an interesting article for DIY coffee hair dying and really wanted to try it out last night. I looked insane to my husband brewing fresh/really strong coffee at 10:00 pm at night and then proceeding to combine that with A TON of conditioner. Coffee has been used for centuries as a hair dye and, in some cultures, is still used more often than over-the-counter chemical hair colorants, as it's cheaper and not damaging to your hair. So, here is the mixture that I used to dye my hair with my DIY coffee hair dye recipe.

What You Need-DIY Coffee Dye
A large bottle of cheap conditioner
1 tablespoon of instant coffee granules
1/4 cup of instant or brewed hot coffee
a plastic bag
an old towel

How to Color Your Hair with Coffee -

1. Pour half a cup of conditioner into a cup and add a tablespoon of instant coffee granules. Mix together with a spoon until the coffee is completely mixed in.

2. Put either 1 tablespoon of instant coffee in a cup and add 1/4 cup of hot water to it, or make a pot of strong brewed coffee. Now pour the 1/4 cup of instant hot coffee or 1/4 cup of brewed coffee into the conditioner/coffee mix and stir around till everything is mixed. Let sit for five minutes.

3. Now it's time to head to the bathroom.

4. Drape an old towel around your shoulders to catch any coffee drips. Scoop up a little bit of the coffee mix and carefully apply it to your dry hair, being careful not to let it dribble too much down your face or arms or onto the floor.

5. Keep applying all the mixture until your entire head of hair is covered. Massage into your hair and scalp for two minutes.

6. Wrap the plastic bag around your head and tie up in a small knot.. The heat from the plastic bag and the trapped heat coming from your head makes the coffee 'develop' faster. Leave it on your hair for 15-30 minutes, then hop in the shower and rinse off. Shampoo it to get rid of the excess coffee, rinse again and rub dry with the old towel.

7. Blow dry as usual and, voila, coffee colored hair.

Here are a few pictures from my first try at coffee dye hair and my hair feels amazingly shiny too.



Beaut├ęgram: Gold Cupid’s Bows at Aganovitch

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good morning,

Sometimes I see something and think "Why the heck didn't I think of that?" I was reading my usual online website The Cut when I saw the following post by Christina Han and loved the makeup idea from it. (top photo is from her article) Such a simple way to define your lips and give such a powerful statement of "I am woman hear me roar." Seeing this cute way to define your lips lead me to research some other powerful pictures of all things gold. Do you have a feeling that you need to start wearing gold besides in the typical sense of jewelry? Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but gold comes a close second.

Tips to make lipstick last longer:
  1. Exfoliate
  2. Lip Balm
  3. Lipliner
  4. Lipstick
  5. Concealer to clean up the edges.


Grab a beer, grab a friend, grab some snow

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hi everyone!

So we received a ton of snow and I took a vacation day from work since everyone else was able to make it into the office. It was totally worth it because I got to Skype with two of my dear friends. My friend Anneka Russel and Cassandra (Sanders) Nuss are both from different times in my life but equally as important. I have known Sanders since birth, through ALL of our schooling, and into our life now. Anneka I met on my plane ride back from London and we instantly connected and I almost cried leaving her at the airport. She is one of those people you call a “kindred Friend” and we made a vow to start talking Skype at least 2x’s a month from now on.

My husband was able to get the snow day off at work too because their electricity was going in and out; he couldn’t get his car shoveled out either. I ventured outside after a bit to enjoy the weather with Bronson, my Boston Terrier, and grabbed my camera. I am excited to be able to get into work tomorrow but I really enjoyed the winter wonderland of Kansas City. I love being trapped inside with Snow Day Beer, ingredients for White Russian Cocktails, and lots of home cooking. Enjoy your weather wherever that may be and stay safe!

Snow Shoe Pile

Double Socks

 Purple Pride
 The Line Run
 No Outlet

 Fallen Leaves

The Lookout

 Blk and Wht No Makeup

 Snow Day Beer


 Snow Cozy

Sit a Moment



Where Did I Put My Oscar?

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars,

Ok, one thing you need to know about me is my LOVE for all things funny. Favorite funny bits of The Oscars were Seth Macfarlane hosting, Melissa Mccarthy presenting, and Daniel Day Lewis's acceptance speech. My friend's and I went to a free Oscar Party at The Screenland off of Armour in North Kansas City Oscar Event and we had an amazing time. It was amazing to watch The Oscars on the Big Screen and I think it was my favorite Oscar show thus far.  PS-How amazing was Adele?

Favorite Seth Macfarlane jokes of the night:

[On Daniel Day-Lewis's role as Abraham LIncoln]. You stayed in character all day, every day. So if you saw a cell phone, would you have to be like, "Oh my god! What's that?!" If you bumped into Don Cheadle on the studio lot, would you have to free him?

Whether [Jennifer Lawrence] wins or loses, it's just an honor Meryl Streep wasn't nominated.

"Amour" is nominated. Or as I call it, "This is Ninety."

Here are a couple of fun shots from the night that I took and a couple of the actual Oscars that I didn't take :)

Eskimo Kisses

Creeper :^o



Winter bbq’s

Saturday, February 23, 2013


When someone is snowed in for the majority of the day after drinking too much hot chocolate, alcohol, and watching too much tv one has to get out and do something. We live in a wonderful neighborhood in Kansas City near a park for our dog and we have amazing neighbors too. Our neighbor next door was feeling the same ‘I have to get out of this house or I’ll go crazy’ so he invited us to bbq. We had the few zombies that ventured outside and wondered why the heck we were grilling at 9:00 pm at night. (Secretly, I think they were jealous) our neighbor bought wonderful lamb from nature’s Own and we made lamb burgers. Seriously one of the best burgers i have ever had and i am going to do late night bbq’ing again soon. We are supposed to get hit with another snow storm on Monday and I'm secretly hoping to get snowed in again to have another winter bbq. next time I'm stocking up to make some sort of hot toddy or Mexican hot chocolate.

I love winter time too because the Midwestern hospitality and sweet human spirit comes out to help their neighbors. We helped a neighbor shovel her way out of the snow to get her car to safety; i think for the guys it provided a cheap way to get buff during the day. It helped too that our neighbor was cute so boys will do anything a girl asks when she looks adorable too. Stay warm out there and I hope you are having fun too.




Winter Weather Boredom

Friday, February 22, 2013


Yesterday Kansas City got a whopper of a snow storm yesterday. I was lucky enough that my boss let us stay home because there was no way my car was going to make it to work yesterday. It was fun relaxing at home, cooking food, having a beer at 11:00 am, and getting to go back to sleep for a bit. My neighbors are really great too because they helped shovel some cars out of danger so the drivers could pull into their parking spots. Our next door neighbor offered us lamb burgers to grill out in the snow and it was a really fun experience. I'll post more pictures of our snow adventures tomorrow along with what I wore out in this freezing weather. Here are a few winter weather ideas and a few pictures of my day indoors yesterday. (PS-there are even a few guy options :)

Cheers to staying warm,