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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hey readers,

Last night I went out on a school night to Voodoo Lounge to support my friend Sam Levi's RAW Natural Born Artists KC. She has really great work and I was proud to be there for her. Her booth looked amazing and I bought one of her small prints to the left. Check her website out here: http://samanthalevi.com/

Sam Levi Photo

Sam Levi Photo
I forgot to mention they had a swank photo booth option that any girl will flock to. The photo booth was even kind enough to tell you what poses to do. Photo 1: Cheerleader, Glasses, and Blue Steel. Photo 2: Love, Freezing, and favorite animal pose. My amazing friend Sarah Nelsen is the pretty short haired lady in the first photo with me and you should check out her work here: http://sarah-nelsen.com/


We had a lot of fun and were ready to call it a night around midnight. Again please check out my friends websites as they are super talented women in KC.



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