Makeup from NY Fashion Week

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hi friends!

Happy Valentine's Day of course! I have been saving up a TON of blog article ideas and my friend Sam and I are going to do a makeup one from NY Fashion Week. I wanted to give you ladies some ideas too for your makeup tonight possibly and in the future for a change up. I am going to post pictures early next week of my friend Sam Levi doing my makeup to look like the models and show you how different it looks than everyday makeup.

To my friend's in the Kansas City area or my followers elsewhere I hope you have an awesome Valentine's Day. I'm going to post ridiculous Red Lobster bib pictures tomorrow and show that I can still fit into my Prom Dress from my Junior year in High School. Hell, if that isn't an accomplishment of some sorts I don't know what is; it isn't going to fit after dinner tonight. TOO MANY CHEESY BISCUITS! Btw-let me know in the comments which 4 make-up looks are your favorite and I might choose yours! (PS-my favorite is second below)



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