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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

I have a new obsession called the Open Back Sweater. I just bought one myself and I appreciate the versatility in the sweater for either winter or spring ensembles. They bring just the right amount of sexy while still keeping your bits covered if you know what I mean :) I think they accentuate the nicest asset in most girls and that is their gorgeous backs; no matter what size a girl is their back is something beautiful everyone has in common. I want to post a DIY way to make an Open Back Sweater for girls needing to re-purpose their wardrobes but not spend a ton of money to do so. Let's explore a few of my favorite open back sweaters/shirts lately:

I really love the simplicity of this last sweater with her leather pants and wonderful short hairdo. A very chic ensemble with just the right amount of minimalism to pay equal amounts of attention to all parts of her outfit. If any of my readers have open back sweaters of theirs they'd like to share I would potentially feature them on my blog. E-mail me!



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