About Me

Hi, my name is Kat Mitchell. I started this blog because I am weary of reading magazines that tell me the perfect outfit costs hundreds of dollars, and that I have to wear that outfit to fit in.  I am writing this fashion blog to show Kansas City as: original, not "Midwest", inspiring, and incessantly changing.  I want to inspire my readers that they can be fashionable no matter where they exist.

The name JADATO stands for "Just Another Day at the Office." The name came from me sitting too long at office jobs, and dreaming about my real "dream business" involving fashion. I don't take to be an expert, but I do claim to love art and creativity. If you trust in these things I hope you'll follow my blog and invest in my creativity. If you desire to collaborate on something for my blog please reach out to me via e-mail. I appreciate you noticing me. Let's all be friends, shall we?


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