The Basics of Building a Minimalist Footwear Collection

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Photo by Dids from Pexels

The Basics of Building a Minimalist Footwear Collection

Fashion minimalism is a strong trend that shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s easy to see why so many people have already switched to a more minimalist lifestyle. This typically involves owning a smaller quantity of clothing that is more flexible than the average person’s wardrobe.

Narrowing down your clothes is sometimes simple, but limiting yourself to a low number of shoes can be surprisingly difficult. These tips for minimalist shoe fashion will help you pick the pairs you need while cutting out anything that doesn’t play an important role in your wardrobe.

The Most Versatile Colors
Versatility is one of the most important aspects of a minimalist shoe collection, as a few shoes that you would feel comfortable in at a wide range of occasions are more functional than a large number of pairs which only work for certain events. In general, each new shoe should have enough different uses that you’ll wear it at least once a month.

Shoes in bright colors or bold prints are harder to fit into a wardrobe than equally striking clothes and accessories, so you’ll be more likely to wear more neutral colors. Differently colored shoes work with different outfits, but classic shades like black, brown, and tan are a great place to start and always reliable.

Picking Shoes for Your Minimalist Wardrobe
There’s no one size fits all approach to building a minimalist shoe collection, but there are a few types of shoes that are likely to be versatile enough to fit into a smaller wardrobe.

A pair of heels in one of the neutral colors mentioned above is a perfect example, and they should be comfortable enough to walk around in throughout the day. It’s even better if you can find heels that you can wear to work events yet are casual enough to dress down for more informal occasions.

Casual flats are another style which belongs in every minimalist shoe collection, and this can include anything from smaller boots to comfortable sneakers. Again, these should work well with other items in your wardrobe and complement other aspects of your style. Whether you lean toward something more formal or casual will likely depend on the style of the other shoes you own

Finally, a pair of supportive sandals that is nice enough to dress up is perfect for the summer, and these come in flat and heeled versions. These are great for beach parties and other events where you want to look your best while also dressing for the weather.

Building the right minimalist wardrobe is sometimes difficult, but you’ll end up with a more manageable collection of shoes and clothes that you feel more comfortable wearing. These simple tips will help you get started toward finding the best shoes for your minimalist shoe collection.