Green Lady Lounge

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Too much happened this weekend so I'm not sure what to post about. I visited my Mecca called Green Lady Lounge in Kansas City. My maiden name is Pavlish so I want to claim I'm more Russian than perhaps I am Swedish or Norwegian. Green lady lounge had every type of red velvet imaginable, with the right amount of old jazz musicians, and drunk locals that every bar wishes they had for eternity.

My friend was turning 21....cough...29...and we stopped at La Bodega for dinner/drinks and to show off her vintage sequin butterfly top. The whole restaurant had to listen to us sing Happy Birthday but really it provided them with a story to tell their friends after their Saturday day dinner finished. Btw-My friend Sheppa is on the moped and my Robbie is next to him.

I wore green tights from Target, a black ballerina dress from Urban Outfitters, white shiny jacket from Kensie,and black sparkle dancing shoes from Shoe Carnival. I'm heading to bed now but another post tomorrow from Lawrence.



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