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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hi readers!

I got my hair cut yesterday and was very tempted to cut it short but I got a trim instead. I have a obsessive compulsive nature to get a haircut that I had in London back in 2005 when I studied abroad there. No one has been able to get it quite right and I have ended up with an ugly mullet a few times. When someone cuts my hair wrong too I turn into that girl that shows all her emotions on her face and vow silently to never return to said salon.

Browsing the Internet for hair inspiration I got annoyed at the amount of celebrity haircuts in Google's search engine. I mean there has to be other people in the world besides celebrities that have good hair. I found a random hair model picture that I loved and I did end up loving one celebrity's hair Lily Allen. Look how pretty her hair is, her makeup, her skin is glowing, and I just love her. I will take picture tomorrow of my haircut when I don't have it pulled up in a high-pony and show you how bouncy it turned out. I realized scanning back through my old photographs that I've really kept short hair for a while. Here's to growing it super long still and taking new photographs to prove I did it!



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