Winter bbq’s

Saturday, February 23, 2013


When someone is snowed in for the majority of the day after drinking too much hot chocolate, alcohol, and watching too much tv one has to get out and do something. We live in a wonderful neighborhood in Kansas City near a park for our dog and we have amazing neighbors too. Our neighbor next door was feeling the same ‘I have to get out of this house or I’ll go crazy’ so he invited us to bbq. We had the few zombies that ventured outside and wondered why the heck we were grilling at 9:00 pm at night. (Secretly, I think they were jealous) our neighbor bought wonderful lamb from nature’s Own and we made lamb burgers. Seriously one of the best burgers i have ever had and i am going to do late night bbq’ing again soon. We are supposed to get hit with another snow storm on Monday and I'm secretly hoping to get snowed in again to have another winter bbq. next time I'm stocking up to make some sort of hot toddy or Mexican hot chocolate.

I love winter time too because the Midwestern hospitality and sweet human spirit comes out to help their neighbors. We helped a neighbor shovel her way out of the snow to get her car to safety; i think for the guys it provided a cheap way to get buff during the day. It helped too that our neighbor was cute so boys will do anything a girl asks when she looks adorable too. Stay warm out there and I hope you are having fun too.




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