Valentine's Day-DIY

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Valentine's Day is almost here and to celebrate ten friends and I are going to Red Lobster. (Oh yes and my husband of course) It seems like a weird way to celebrate a day of LOVE but I can't think of a more fun group of people that I want to hang out with for that day. We are going to try and get dressed up for that event so people can say "Aren't they a little too old to be going to prom?" I pulled out my prom dress from my junior year out of the cobwebs in my closet and am going to squeeze into that sucker tonight. I am not someone to keep clothing for too long so the fact that my dress from 2002 has kept with me this long is a miracle. I wanted to scour the Internet for some Valentine's DIY ideas and I came across a few that I enjoyed so you can enjoy. I would LOVE to see pictures from what others are doing for their special day; even if that means having a singles date night to just dance and be silly. The last picture I have a soft spot for because I mean that Chihuahua is dressed up as a lobster. Too perfect. Lastly I am obsessed with doing three different shades of lipstick on top, different in the middle, and different on the bottom.

felt hearts/glitter/paper clip
Handmade Heart Cards



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