Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh no,

Readers, I have discovered a new shopping site. It's similar to Gilt except it features slightly worn items too from other sellers for WAY cheaper. I mean I'm considering getting this Tiffany's Bracelet for only $67.00 which is much cheaper than E-Bay or anywhere else I've looked. (This would include free shipping too)

You can sign-up for this website Threadflip through Facebook or through just your e-mail. I signed up using my e-mail because I don't need Threadflip posting on FB every time I click on something. (I am not a paid sponsor for this site) 

I am considering ordering some flats from this site too because clearly I wear my leopard ones too much. Wearing flats to work has been much nicer too since the weather is freezing and with my running around for client lunches flats are much easier on my feet. Do my readers have any sites that they find great deals that they want to share with me?



  1. Warning: Beware of Tiffany Fakes!!!! When I worked at Tiffany's, every so often a customer would bring back a present from a bad breakup, and we would have to then say that they didn't even receive the real thing (a few times that would make them even angrier!)...... I could tell by the weight of the jewelry piece and the style of the bag/box they brought it back in. In your pick, the pouch looks like the real color, but the bag and box do not (of course photography can be tricky). They should not be darker teal in color than the pouch, but more of a light robins egg blue. I'd look too see if there is a way to look into the sellers history like there is on eBay. Because the jury is still up, here are some more websites you can check out..... , ,

  2. Thanks for the post! I used to live in KC :)

    I'm Daniel from the team here at Threadflip... really glad you like the site!

    In regards to fakes, we don't allow them (responding to the first comment). You can review the policy and how we protect you here:

    Let me know if you have any questions and welcome to Threadflip! Daniel (at) Threadflip . com

  3. Daniel,

    Thanks for your input and cool that you used to live in KC. I am excited to order a few things from Threadflip soon and I was waiting for my next paycheck. I read over the policy and it seems very fair that you will provide a full refund if something seems to be faulty. Let me know if you are ever in KC again. We could chat over BBQ.

    Kat Mitchell