Poncho's-Love em, hate em?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday morning has arrived,

I have two poncho's in my closet but I think this will grow into much more. I think this is a style flattering on most body-types especially for a lot of my cute-preggo friends lately. Ponchos can be worn by a variety of different age brackets too which is nice for older ladies that need to stop shopping at Forever 21. (myself included) I have yet to order a Georgia O'Keefe/New Mexico inspire poncho but I am still searching for the perfect one. I enjoy the styling of this one because it is understated and not trying too hard to be worn; for most work situations I think pants not just tights would be required. The bright pink shirt underneath a poncho is nice too with slightly flared black pants. I think poncho's have a nice way to keep you warm and say I'm not trying too hard to be something ridiculous off the runway. I hope to visit my favorite store 1/2 of 1/2 Name Brand Clothing this weekend to take pictures of some new finds for my closet. As always when I find something new it's time to retire something old from my closet. RIP old clothes, RIP.



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