Black Stiletto

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I bought a new pair of black heels from Windsor. I've been eyeing a similar pair since Jennifer Aniston's sweet stems have been walking around in them forever. I know you already saw my closet and don't know how I can fit another pair of shoes in there. My closet is similar to that of a Mary Poppin's handbag; the more you fill it the cleaner it gets? I'm trying to buy quality fabrics for shoes since I usually wear the heck out of them and these pretty ladies are suede. I will keep you posted when I wear these ladies out for a special occasion or just to walk around Westport. I think these look Parisian and need to be worn to Westport Cafe for a date night. PS-Jennifer Aniston is adorable in these heels and I need a black leather dress, no?


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