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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Saturday,

Today consisted of getting over a massive headache, blowing my nose a ton, eating donuts, regretting eating donuts, and taking a long cat nap after last night. It was a blast going out for Robbie's work but maybe I pushed it a little too hard staying out late after being sick. I had fun trying a new do with my hair and trying to do something different with my make-up for the Holiday Party. (See my post from yesterday to see what I wore out and how I did my hair)

We ate at Rye KC, Rob and I don't venture much out of the Plaza/Westport/Downtown area so it was a fun change for one night. http://www.ryekc.com/ I highly recommend going there for my friends who like Manifesto because their Mixologist came up with Rye KC's cocktail menu. Robbie and I both tried a cocktail called Coffee and Cigarettes. Disclaimer-if you don't like either one of those things DO NOT get this cocktail. Rob's picture is with his cocktail "Goldenrod." Look at the size of that ice cube in the glass! 



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