First Day

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello future readers,

I am finally starting this blog after a lot of patience through planning a wedding, finishing my Masters, starting a new job, and getting married. My husband has been a huge source of inspiration and encouragement throughout this thought process; he even designed my logo that I'm posting later tonight. I wanted to start it the right way and make sure I was ready to commit to a blog. I am excited to say that I'm ready to commit to a blog and use my photography degree to take pictures for my posts.
I hope this blog inspires my readers to look to themselves for fashion inspiration and to encourage them to not spend a ton of money on clothing either. I want to show my followers that just because we can't afford a single item in a fashion magazine doesn't mean that we can't be fashionable. I want to showcase Kansas City to show we are fashionable and we don't just wear overalls with hay in our pockets. Most of all I hope to connect with others out there and continually search for inspiration.


Kat Mitchell

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