Donna's Dress Shop

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Thursday,

Donna's Dress Shop looks amazing outside, maybe even TOO cool looking. ( It is one of those cute boutiques I feel the need to get dressed up before I step foot inside. I know they have lots of affordable clothing, jewelry, and shoes for the everyday person. I really want to visit and document my shopping experience for an upcoming blog post; my husband has a persistent desire to dress me up like a pin-up girl. Only the classy ones though so no wearing my bathing suit around KC in winter. I want to support local businesses so I feel ashamed I haven't been in to shop yet! Will some of you send me pictures of your cute purchases there? I want to feature them in this here blog.

I love the show New Girl and I think this whole store would serve well as Zooey Deschanel new girl "Jess" character's closet. This show is one of my "I have to watch or I feel incomplete as a person if a miss an episode." Heck, this store could be the actual wardrobe of Zooey Deschanel because I have a sneaky suspicion she gets to keep all the clothes from New Girl. Zooey is the epitome of cool, the girl that all boys secretly like, and my best-friend. Well, not yet but she really is looking forward to being my BFF someday.


  1. The dress I wore to your wedding was from there! It wasn't vintage, but it definitely had a vintage feel. It was beautiful. I just hope I can find a reason to wear it again.

    1. Megan I guess I will have to just get married again. It would be to Rob of course but I'm excited to pick out another wedding dress. ;) If you want we could go shopping there together again and chronicle our outfits. It would be fun to go there and stop by Mud Pie afterwards. I think I will buy gloves there to feel extra fancy eating the cupcake I buy.

  2. If you haven't seen this on their website yet, you should watch it!

    Ryan at roadway shot it.