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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Tuesday,

As I stated in my first post I am going to try and make our shopping experiences together affordable. I LOVE THRIFT STORES. OK, I know all capital letters are dramatic but it still can't express how much I love them. I am always searching for affordable "labels" or "couture" pieces to fill in my wardrobe and love finding websites that help. In my quest for affordable thrifty solutions not from the Midwest I stumbled upon this gem of a website based in NYC.

They seem to have a good variety of shoes sizes to purchase along with the great brands to match. (Both men and women's clothing) Just so you know me better I have a 8.5-9 size shoe. I'm always envious of my friends' who can fit in those cute clearance shoes they always have in a size 6 but at 5'7 I think I would fall over in that small of a shoe.

That being said here are a few pairs of shoes I have my eye on from this website:

boots by colin stuart
clog boot 9

shoes by ashish x topshop
peep toe wedge 8.5

Options to wear shoe one:
Please take note that these are strong shoes 
in their design meaning they could overpower anyone's outfit very easily. I don't want you to end up looking like Snooki, no offense Snooki, but still have one strong piece in an outfit to compliment the others.
1. Leopard Prints with Earth Tones and Mid-Toned Neutrals
2. Red and other bright colors
3. An all black-ensemble
4. Denim jeans and a white button down shirt

Visual outfit option for shoe two: (obviously you would wear the green clog instead but brown looks awesome too)
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