Weddings Lead to Dancing

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hi readers,

So here am I definitely a few blog posts behind but I wanted to post anyway. I understand now when bloggers/writers hit that road block and it is hard to continually keep posting. Most bloggers that I follow aren't full time and have regular jobs/life/family to keep them busy. That being said I have been busy the following week having a much needed vacation in Pennsylvania with my sister's family. I haven't lost that passion for all things fashion but I will try to keep up posting at least every other day for my followers. If you haven't yet I would really appreciate if you would follow my FB, Twitter, Google + to help grow my blog JADATO. Ok, I am done venting and explaining where I have been for the past week or so and onto my post.

I had a wonderful friend named Leah that got married to a very handsome dentist named Chad. Sounds like a cute modern Disney Cartoon, no? Leah and I have been friends since 2005 and I have been excited for her to meet her "Mr. Right" since I've known her. Leah is quite the catch and one of my favorite times with anybody is her and my cooking "Julia Child" nights at our apartments. Her wedding was one of the most glamorous I have been too and every detail was planned perfectly. However her wedding was the only one that  I wiped out on the dance floor and it wasn't because I had too many glasses of vino. (It was raining SUPER hard and it was a historic building :) I really enjoyed sharing her day and really enjoyed getting dressed up to see such a beautiful ceremony and reception for a couple that is ready to share all aspects of their lives together. Cheers to Leah and Chad. I love you both and thank you for inviting me to such a once in a lifetime occasion.

(All pictures are my own)



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