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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Can we all please agree that we love HBO's GIRLS? (Spoiler alerts ahead) I have a fan girl crush on Lena Dunham's writing and all the girls hairstyles in that show. For that last couple of episodes I cringed, cried, felt ashamed, awkward, and felt angry all at equal intervals during Season 2. The whole car ride home last night I kept thinking how badly I wanted to drink that bottle of wine on the fridge and watch Season's 2 episode of GIRLS. I loved the whole episode so much because it really showed the character's had redeeming qualities even in their weakest moments. 

Shoshanna breaking up with Ray after telling him off "You're older than me. You should have your own place. You should have interests, and passions, and things that you do. You get up every day, and there's nothing, unless you're going to work." After questioning every thought and action of Adam in the show he finally shows enough courage to "run" over to help Hannah get out of her crippling depression. Marnie is finally a real human and tells Charlie that he is an amazing person and that she finally loves him.

Here are some of my favorite articles about last night's episode:



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