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Monday, March 4, 2013

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I am SO sorry for skipping a few days of blogging. This weekend got away from me after my First Friday art even at my work and I totally got overwhelmed this weekend to write a post. My last post about DIY Coffee hair dye was my most read post to date so I wanted to issue another yummy one for readers. I found this from another blog and love the recipe. So easy to make so I can't wait to use it this Saturday for a friend's wedding I am attending. Again readers if you do anything off my blog send me some nice shots and I might feature you in a story. I have a lot more stories coming up to blog about this week so keep checking back for more content!

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Recipe borrowed from: DIY Bronzer

Edible Face: DIY Bronzer
Recipe #1-Power Bronzer
Cocoa and ground cinnamon (yes, you will need both for sure!)
Baby powder
A makeup jar OR compact
Coconut oil (for a liquid bronzer)
One bowl and two little dessert cups
2 spoons

Step 1 - Add baby powder to little bowls. Doesn't matter how much you put in as this is going to be the base of the bronzer. (We choose to use separate bowls as we thought we'd make a bronzer with cinnamon and one of cocoa. It turns out that we used both cinnamon and cocoa to make one bronzer.)

Step 2 - Start adding your colors aka cinnamon and cocoa. Again, it doesn't matter how much you add, as you're going to continually check the color on your skin.

Step 3 - Continue adding both your cinnamon and cocoa until the mixture has reached your desired color level. Quick tip, ensure you are mixing everything well.

Step 4 - Test out your finished product. See how much darker it looks when it hasn't been rubbed in? Either way, for a bronzer, this color is absolutely perfect for me. The greatest thing about this little recipe is how cheap it is.....sure beats buying an expensive bronzing powder from a shop.

Recipe #2 - Liquid Bronzer

Step 1 - Add some coconut oil to a bowl. Again, doesn't matter how much THOUGH you'll want add a lot more than this scoop if you're wanting to use this on your body.

Step 2 - Add cocoa. This recipe, because it's liquidy, you do not want to use cinnamon. As we learned, cinnamon will stay gritty on your skin whereas the cocoa doesn't. Again, add as much cocoa as you like but ensure you keep testing it on your skin to get the exact color you want.

Step 3 - You're all done! Test out your finished product on your hand to ensure you have the shade you want. Then, you can spread your lovely bronzer anywhere you want! The great thing about this recipe is the coconut oil. It's a great moisturizer and does not contain the preservatives/additives that other creams do.

Finally-Let either one of these recipes dry completely before getting dressed!



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