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Birthday Gifts

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good morning readers,

I am turning 28 today and can say that I am really happy about getting older/potentially wiser? I see getting older as a gift and am so grateful that I have made it another year. My mom always said I was impatient so I was born two days before my due date on July 2nd instead of July 4th. She calls me her firecracker and I have to say I like that nickname. Today has already been so fun and my wonderful boss bought me flowers, a chocolate espresso torte, and mimosas this morning. She is so thoughtful!

I want to keep this post simple and show you a few fashion things I purchased as an early birthday gift. I had been eyeing a gold glitter clutch from Kate Spade for some time and I have always wanted an Alexander McQueen scarf. I purchased both items on E-bay because I believe in searching for the best deal. The Kate Spade clutch is used and I purchased it for $30.00 and the Alexander McQueen scarf was $25.00 with shipping so a good deal. I wanted to post some street wear pictures of the classic McQueen scarf and how I think it is a great wardrobe staple. I purchased the scarf that is in the 2nd picture. Also I wanted to show the glitter clutch from Kate Spade that I purchased.



Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello Saturday,

I'm back in Wichita, KS my hometown hanging out with my family. My mom is so sweet still giving my sister and I Valentine Day baskets even though we are both way older these days. I love receiving them so I hope she nevers stops giving them to us :) She got me the box set of Audrey Hepburn's greatest movies.

My hubbie and I are trying to watch more classic films so I'm excited to watch all three of these from one of my favorite actresses. My mom got me some new silly socks to wear and a really great knuckle ring. I haven't been adventurous to buy one of these yet but my mom is always above the trends. I can't until Valentine's Day so I hope to give you a few gift ideas ladies/gentlemen. I'm still brewing up a few but wouldn't guys love this traveling bar set? (Remember drink responsibly :)