Birthday Gifts

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good morning readers,

I am turning 28 today and can say that I am really happy about getting older/potentially wiser? I see getting older as a gift and am so grateful that I have made it another year. My mom always said I was impatient so I was born two days before my due date on July 2nd instead of July 4th. She calls me her firecracker and I have to say I like that nickname. Today has already been so fun and my wonderful boss bought me flowers, a chocolate espresso torte, and mimosas this morning. She is so thoughtful!

I want to keep this post simple and show you a few fashion things I purchased as an early birthday gift. I had been eyeing a gold glitter clutch from Kate Spade for some time and I have always wanted an Alexander McQueen scarf. I purchased both items on E-bay because I believe in searching for the best deal. The Kate Spade clutch is used and I purchased it for $30.00 and the Alexander McQueen scarf was $25.00 with shipping so a good deal. I wanted to post some street wear pictures of the classic McQueen scarf and how I think it is a great wardrobe staple. I purchased the scarf that is in the 2nd picture. Also I wanted to show the glitter clutch from Kate Spade that I purchased.



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