18th Street Fashion Show-Behind the Scenes Part I

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It really has been an honor and a pleasure documenting my friend's Sarah Nelsen and Sara Cramer for The 18th Street Fashion Show. For legal reasons I couldn't publish my photos earlier but now that show has happened I am excited to show you some of their amazing work. I always forget the extensive creative process it takes for a fashion show: creation, 1st review, re-working a piece, and having a finished product. I was so proud of my friend's working together and coming up with such an amazing collection that everyone fell in love with KC fashion. The 18th Street Fashion Show this year seems at a much more professional level from presentation, styling, runway set-up, and the quality/fabrication of the garments. I am working on completing my video for an exclusive view of both Sarah/Sara's work from both of their studios, the day of the show, and the fashion show. I think it will be trilogy video of those things mentioned above and I am really excited about the video portion for my readers! The video below is from my good friend Sheppa and I think it is so badass. This wasn't shown at GILDED SUMMER but I think it should've been shown at some point. It seemed to fit right in next to the Gold Metallic Mini-Cooper on display.   Enjoy it until I get my three videos up soon!

GILDED SUMMER - The 13th Annual West 18th Street Fashion Show from BODY2BODY on Vimeo. (Used with permission from Sheppa) (See credits for video at the end)

Theme of The 18th Street Fashion Show/GILDED SUMMER:
  • This period refers to the latter half of the 19th century, when many great fortunes were made and the rich celebrated wealth as never before. Widespread economic growth lead to the belief that anything was possible, and millions flocked to the United States from Europe attracted to industrial and technological advances. Two areas of major growth were railroads and coal mining. In 1896 the First Transcontinental Railroad opened, linking the coasts and making it possible to travel from New York to San Francisco in a matter of days, instead of months. Though invention and industry ruled the day, underneath the glittering surface of prosperity, lay an underbelly of corruption, greed, and vulgarity. Many of the super-rich, businessmen such as John D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt, who made their fortunes during this time, were perceived to have attained their wealth through shady business dealings and illegitimate means. Mark Twain famously coined the term “Gilded Age” to satirize the era, referring to serious social problems masked by a thin layer of gold. 
Page 1 of the Press Release of The 18th Street Fashion Show:




  1. Thanks Kat! Getting excited for the video installment!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! We will keep you updated on progress. This week is very busy at work but we are going to work on them this weekend. You ladies will be so cute!

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