Brighten Up Your Closet-Neon Fashion

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello readers!

I will have lots of original content/photos tomorrow of the events I attend tonight for First Fridays. In lieu to The 18th Street Fashion Show starting tomorrow I thought I should post some outfits to get you noticed. The one thing lacking in my wardrobe is a pop of neon that everyone wore in the 80's. Neon colors really look great on everyone no matter what your skin tone and give any outfit a great finish.

Few tips on choosing the "right neon" (How to Wear Neon Colors)

Choose a color. What looks best on you? Neons come in thousands of different shades, but first, narrow it down and pick a color. Hint: ROY G. BIV. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet is a good place to start. Purchase a few colors and see which looks best on you.
See which colors bring out your features. For example, blue colors can bring out blue eyes, and tanner colors can bring out highlights in your hair.

Mix your colors. Avoid doing all neons. Use some solid colors, and then throw in your neons. Mix it up every once in a while too: try not to do neons everyday, or people may get a headache every time they see you. Black goes great with neon because it gives a good background for the neon. Wear some neon colored shirts with black pants, or vice versa.

Everyone have fun tonight and stay safe!



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