Rainy Day Outfit-May

Thursday, May 2, 2013


If you are like me I can't believe it is raining/snowing on May 1st, 2013; however, I can believe it because we live in Kansas City. I want to post some of my favorite rainy day outfit ideas for you. On another note I have an event to attend tonight at The Nelson and if you want to go you should! It is totally free and supports an amazing museum. 

Joel Wachs: Embracing Risk, Reaping Rewards, Empowering Artists

I should have some exciting things on the blog soon including video of my friends/artists that are showing in the 18th Street Fashion Show in KC. I will have a lot of photos that I am taking too for you to see the exciting things they are working on for the show. Excited to share with you soon but for now just enjoy these cute outfits.




Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hi everyone,

My heart breaks about I read about the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh killing hundreds of workers inside. This isn't the first time that garment factory workers have been crammed inside unsafe conditions and not the first time their lives were lost because of this. These events should make us take a deeper look at where we are purchasing our clothing and is that cheap price tag worth the cost of the underpaid wages/unsafe working conditions that got us this item. I am not trying to be negative about fashion but I do want to always educate readers on what is going on around the world

After reading what I wrote above I hope we can support good causes of ethical clothing instead of shopping for "disposable fashion" all the time. I recently purchased a handbag from CFDA's E-bay website for "You Can't Fake Fashion." Here is what that statement really means:

"Since 2011, CFDA has partnered with eBay to advance the You Can't Fake Fashion initiative. Educating shoppers about the dangers of counterfeits is now more important than ever, and it's an issue that's incredibly important to both eBay and CFDA. With 90 designers on board this year, each customizing a bag as one-of-a-kind to show their support, eBay and CFDA are dedicated to protecting original design and the integrity of the fashion industry."
Ebay Can't Fake Fashion

I bought just the standard purse made by the CFDA for $50.00 because some of the designer ones were a bit too pricey for my pocketbook. There are a few other designer ones out there and I think it supports a great cause.



history of bell bottoms

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I don't know about you but I really want a pair of bell bottoms. Do you have any pairs that you already love? I think when I find the perfect pair I'm going to invest; maybe something from Free People? I took a few fashion courses during my time in college and love researching fashion trends. Here is a history lesson on bell bottoms for my readers.

Origin of Bell-Bottoms

The pants that the world has come to know and love as a fitted yet flowing fashion staple amongst young people originally were designed for much more practical reasons. Though the actual creation of the first pair of bell-bottoms is unknown, the first mention of bell-bottom pants was in 1813 in reference to the uniforms of U.S. Navy sailors. Bell-bottoms were a functional choice for sailors since they were easy to remove over boots, easy to roll up to avoid becoming water-logged, and--perhaps most interestingly--could be morphed into a floatation device by filling the pant legs with air.

I guess now we know why sailors may have some of the most iconic outfits but they also helped them survive if they were wrecked at sea! Heck yes floatation device, I think airplanes need to get a pair of these underneath seats :) Anywho...here are a few of my favorite ways to wear them. I will post some pictures of myself in them as soon as I find that PERFECT pair. I wanted to point out too that bell bottoms work well for most women's bodies because they draw attention from their waist downward.



pregnant-dress like it

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hi readers,

I don't know about you but I've become increasingly annoyed at Kim Kardashian and her constant quest to still dress too sexy while pregnant. I'm not "hating" on the girl because we all can admit she is a natural beauty; however we can admit that wearing the same clothing you wore before pregnancy isn't working for her. I've told my husband when I get pregnant someday I am allowed to wear beautiful hippy moo moo's with my flowers in my cute braided hair.

Why does everything have to be "sexy" these days? I hate advertising too that believes we can make certain things "sexy" like my favorite tampon brand or deodorant. Honestly neither tampons or deodorant will ever be sexy, EVER. Again can't we embrace the time in a women's life of being pregnant and it being ok to show that we have a belly? I wanted to research the difference between dressing appropriately for being pregnant and the people who should get help on their pregnancy style. Let's hope that Kim Kardashian reads my blog so I can help her get out of her pregnancy clothing fashion disasters.

Ok, here goes.

Claudia Schiffer-Ok. I know we can't all start out before pregnancy as supermodels but let's take style cues from this lady. She looks great.

Dasha Zhukova (Garage Magazine Editor)-a lady who shows how beautiful pregnancy can look while not pouring her boobs bubbling over her dresses and showing the glow of how a pregnancy naturally looks.

Reese Witherspoon-She is petite but wears pregnancy clothing that makes her look taller and just plain gorgeous. 

Selma Blair-Not only do I think she has a great sense of humor but man can this girl dress a pregnancy bump.