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history of bell bottoms

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I don't know about you but I really want a pair of bell bottoms. Do you have any pairs that you already love? I think when I find the perfect pair I'm going to invest; maybe something from Free People? I took a few fashion courses during my time in college and love researching fashion trends. Here is a history lesson on bell bottoms for my readers.

Origin of Bell-Bottoms

The pants that the world has come to know and love as a fitted yet flowing fashion staple amongst young people originally were designed for much more practical reasons. Though the actual creation of the first pair of bell-bottoms is unknown, the first mention of bell-bottom pants was in 1813 in reference to the uniforms of U.S. Navy sailors. Bell-bottoms were a functional choice for sailors since they were easy to remove over boots, easy to roll up to avoid becoming water-logged, and--perhaps most interestingly--could be morphed into a floatation device by filling the pant legs with air.

I guess now we know why sailors may have some of the most iconic outfits but they also helped them survive if they were wrecked at sea! Heck yes floatation device, I think airplanes need to get a pair of these underneath seats :) are a few of my favorite ways to wear them. I will post some pictures of myself in them as soon as I find that PERFECT pair. I wanted to point out too that bell bottoms work well for most women's bodies because they draw attention from their waist downward.