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pregnant-dress like it

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hi readers,

I don't know about you but I've become increasingly annoyed at Kim Kardashian and her constant quest to still dress too sexy while pregnant. I'm not "hating" on the girl because we all can admit she is a natural beauty; however we can admit that wearing the same clothing you wore before pregnancy isn't working for her. I've told my husband when I get pregnant someday I am allowed to wear beautiful hippy moo moo's with my flowers in my cute braided hair.

Why does everything have to be "sexy" these days? I hate advertising too that believes we can make certain things "sexy" like my favorite tampon brand or deodorant. Honestly neither tampons or deodorant will ever be sexy, EVER. Again can't we embrace the time in a women's life of being pregnant and it being ok to show that we have a belly? I wanted to research the difference between dressing appropriately for being pregnant and the people who should get help on their pregnancy style. Let's hope that Kim Kardashian reads my blog so I can help her get out of her pregnancy clothing fashion disasters.

Ok, here goes.

Claudia Schiffer-Ok. I know we can't all start out before pregnancy as supermodels but let's take style cues from this lady. She looks great.

Dasha Zhukova (Garage Magazine Editor)-a lady who shows how beautiful pregnancy can look while not pouring her boobs bubbling over her dresses and showing the glow of how a pregnancy naturally looks.

Reese Witherspoon-She is petite but wears pregnancy clothing that makes her look taller and just plain gorgeous. 

Selma Blair-Not only do I think she has a great sense of humor but man can this girl dress a pregnancy bump.