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Valentine's Day-Date Night

Friday, February 15, 2013

Morning friends,

So last night's Valentine's Day 2013 was full of cheddar biscuits, the 30th Anniversary of Lobsterfest at Red Lobster dinner with thirteen of my friends was a success. It paid to call ahead because I haven't seen that many teenagers trying to eat somewhere since high school prom. Poor souls, they don't know it is smart to call ahead and they ended up waiting FOREVER to get lobster. I wore my prom dress from 2002 to Red Lobster too and loved every second of it. I wore it with my boyfriend at the time in 2002 to prom and we got in a huge fight so that dress deserved a better memory. My husband hadn't seen me in that dress and appreciated it much more than any high school boy could. Here are a few snapshots from that night and I forgot to take a picture of my super pretty make-up. Dangit.
Flowers from My Valentine

The Ultimate Feast :^0
Kate, Christie, Me, and Jenny
We enjoy warm coats