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Lawrence 2013 Trip

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hi readers,

Well sorry for the long hiatus but the holidays took it out of me. I went to Lawrence, KS recently to spend some time with my friends and pretend I was 21 again. We had fun bbq'ing at my friend's house in Lawrence, walked to a park, and then headed to their local watering hole. It was fun being with everyone and just being able to walk back home after having a few pints. (That and a purple drink that tasted like Dimetapp). I plan on doing my first thrift store run soon this weekend and should have some posts about my finds soon. My new years resolution for 2014 is to post more stories soon. I hope my readers had a nice holiday and were able to relax. 



Clinton Lake-Beach Day

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello readers,

The other weekend we went to Clinton Lake with a few friends. It was a spontaneous moment where we wanted to enjoy the summer and the beach for a bit longer. Rob and I were already missing LA so if we could go to a fake beach to pretend we were still in LA why not? Note to readers: Clinton Lake did have that squishy lake feeling so it WAS NOT A BEACH. (I think I felt a fish nibble my toe too so THAT was fun)

We went shopping in Lawrence at The Hyvee and purchased way too much food for just five people. We have gotten a littler wiser lately, instead of eating it all for lunch, we decided to grill out for dinner too. We ate, swam, played freakin' hot sand volleyball, had a few beers, had a few more beers, drank water, rinsed off, and got home before sundown. It was a really nice trip and I'm glad we have spontaneous friends. 

PS-More photos from visiting a Daft Punk Tribute Band and getting to meet Rebecca Minkoff tonight at KC Halls. Lots of fun stuff coming your way readers!

Arizona Trading Company: Lawrence, KS

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This morning is that morning where I desperately want ok NEED a Redeye coffee. Who wants to bring me one? :) I went with my friend Chelsea to Lawrence Sunday for a cheap girl date and to go eat/thrift store shopping. She had only been there one time before so we had fun just doing a girl Super Bowl date, rather than wearing sweat pants around the house eating pork grinds.

We stopped by Free State Brewery for a few brewskys and some beer battered onion rings. Can you believe we ate a full order of those things? I tried two beers that were new to me on tap: Lupulus Maximus and Fireside Imperial Pils. Chelsea had their Oatmeal Stout and another one that I don't remember the name. Here is evidence of the beers we tried and the HUGE onion rings. We also ate dinner at The Burger Stand which my friends Simon Bates and Codi Bates own and they have crazy delicious food. (See the burger picture below)

Before eating the burger the size of our head's we stopped by Arizona Trading Company to search for some cool thrift clothing. They had a Winter Coat Sale Rack in the front and I found this badass leather jacket. It's streamlined and really simple so I had to snatch it up. The best part is is was only $18.75 and was in perfect condition so I snatched that up ASAP. I bought this other amazing BCBG dress for only $5.00 and I dug for it in those trash bins you see below. I am not above digging for a deal by any means; I will post pictures of the dress at the event I attend tomorrow!

Jacket Brand: Live a Little