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Clinton Lake-Beach Day

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello readers,

The other weekend we went to Clinton Lake with a few friends. It was a spontaneous moment where we wanted to enjoy the summer and the beach for a bit longer. Rob and I were already missing LA so if we could go to a fake beach to pretend we were still in LA why not? Note to readers: Clinton Lake did have that squishy lake feeling so it WAS NOT A BEACH. (I think I felt a fish nibble my toe too so THAT was fun)

We went shopping in Lawrence at The Hyvee and purchased way too much food for just five people. We have gotten a littler wiser lately, instead of eating it all for lunch, we decided to grill out for dinner too. We ate, swam, played freakin' hot sand volleyball, had a few beers, had a few more beers, drank water, rinsed off, and got home before sundown. It was a really nice trip and I'm glad we have spontaneous friends. 

PS-More photos from visiting a Daft Punk Tribute Band and getting to meet Rebecca Minkoff tonight at KC Halls. Lots of fun stuff coming your way readers!