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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hi readers!

I am a big fan of supporting local! In Kansas City we have a huge base of amazing artists right in our backyards so why not support them? I met a girl named Kira Terrey at a craft fair last weekend in Kansas City and loved her stuff. I wanted to walk around a bit more and come around for a few of her pieces. When I came back she was sold out of a few items so it pays to buy immediately at these things when you see something you like! (I don't think my husband would agree) I ended up buying the cloud necklace, and really love the originality of it, and the craftsmanship that went into making the piece. If you want to see her Etsy profile click here Kira Terrey Etsy.

The bracelet I bought from a different vendor but I didn't grab her business card :( I will say she was a super savvy business lady who was selling her jewelry, while holding her baby, and swiping my debit card at the same time. I had a blast walking around talking to the vendors and enjoying a 8-Bit Pale Ale from Tallgrass Brewing Company. Do any of my readers have any fun events they do in their towns to support local businesses?



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