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History of the Mini-Skirt

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hello readers,

Researching the history of fashion is something I am very passionate about and I am enjoying sharing my findings for blog posts. I remember reading in my fashion courses, while working for The Art Institutes, about the history of the bikini/sandals/mini-skirts. The mini-skirt has been around a lot longer than you think and boys/girls appreciate the invention. For Thursday let's explore the history of the mini-skirt and I will show you a few of my favorites lately. Remember, the mini-skirt is not for everyone so just like all fashion trends.

In the Beginning Was . . . the Miniskirt
"High in the mountains in some of Europe’s oldest villages, archaeologists have recently unearthed ancient figurines dating between 5400-4700 B.C. What is remarkable about the figurines is not only their age, but also that the female figurines appear to be beautifully dressed in miniskirts not unlike the fashionable miniskirts of the 1960s, prompting some scholars to speculate that miniskirts were common in the earliest of civilizations (Derbyshire 2007). Interestingly, these figurines are not the only evidence of “ancient miniskirts. For example, an ancient Egyptian fresco shows a female acrobatic dancer wearing a “mini skirt” seemingly made out of cotton that shows off both her hips and her legs (Gandolfi 1989)." (