Bday Parties 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Birthday,

Taking photos is tough enough but constantly uploading them to a blog is hard enough. I have SO many photos to show you and I'm sorry I haven't done a better job uploading them. I am still in the process of choosing the right template for my blog/webpage and should be done with a layout shortly. Don't be mad when you see the change in layout but rejoice with me for the subtle changes in JADATO. I've been a little MIA because I went to SXSW for vacation and decided to chill out with the postings. I need a vacation. Don't we all? 

I read a post lately from another blogger about how she hopes you realize what you read/see on a blog is the edited version. Boy is that the truth. I feel I can only be true to myself and you if I really post me; if that includes the good and the bad photos so be it. So here to being my true self. Those that don't know me reading this in other countries or in my hometown of Kansas City should know I am a complete goofball. Not cool at all but I do hang around cooler people than myself to you know "FEEL COOL." I think the friends we choose are the ones that inspire us daily through all the muck life throws at us. 

I love my hometown Kansas City. I toyed around with the idea of moving to a bigger city but really I am in the best developing city in the US. (My opinion of course) My friends are the movers and the shakers of Kansas City. The beat, the fashion, the cuisine, hell the true HEART of a city. Why should I move during all this lovely commotion? Enjoy a few photos from my close friend Sarah Nelsen. She is that fashion part of KC I am lucky to watch develop. Only great things can come from her and she moved back to KC. See, it's where those movers and shakers need to let our hair down. Come join us!

(My dress is Urban Outfitters, necklace thrifted, huge black puffy coat Steve Madden, and polka dot purse Kate Spade)



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