Colorado Springs, Colorado: Part I

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I know I know. I've been a bad friend by not posting as much as I should. I am still trying to figure out the whole working full time and running a fashion blog thing part time. I wanted to update my readers on selling my stuff on E-bay and so far it has been going well! My seller name is jadato14 so if you want to find something to wear that I'm selling shop away! I will be listing more stuff soon for sale and want to start featuring more men's clothing too. 

This trip to Colorado was quite a while ago but it was still so beautiful not to share. Some pictures of myself are obviously shot by my husband so I can't take photo credit. This trip was something I wanted to do for some time so I could visit my friend from The Art Institutes and visit Garden of the Gods. Once again I didn't pack correctly for the weather but I'm weird and get hot really easily so I guess I was made for Colorado weather. I have a TON of other events I have gone to lately and have been busy organizing my crazy amounts of photos to share with you soon. I'm going to split this Colorado post into two parts because I took too many photos to fit it into one. Lucky you, right? Alright, I gotta hit the hay. Stay beautiful kids.



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