LA 2013-Labor Day Vacation

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have been so bad about keeping updates but the amazing news is I finally received my new camera! It didn’t come in time for my LA Labor Day Vacation but I am just glad it finally arrived. I took my husband to LA for the first time to visit my family and one of my best friends Cassandra. I miss her a lot living so far away but she is pursing her dream of acting so I am nothing but proud.

I took a lot more photos with my iPhone but did manage to pull a few camera photos from our time in Santa Monica. I will post more later but wanted to just upload a few photos to enjoy. I have a lot more fashionable events coming up for the adverting world here in Kansas City so stay tuned!

Edited LA-1

Edited LA-2

Edited LA-3

Edited LA-4

Edited LA-5

Edited LA-6

Edited LA-7

Edited LA-8

Edited LA-9

Edited LA-10

Edited LA-11
Edited LA-12

  • There are such things as sand fleas and boy did they bite me. I was supposed to be all “sexy sexy” and my arms looked like I was a bad drug addict. (Spray on bug spray on beach)
  • Not nearly enough people take full advantage of the ocean. They live RIGHT BY IT!
  • LAX is a lot further away from Van Nuys than I remember.
  • ALWAYS plan ahead b/c traffic sucks. Like if possible leave 3 hours early. We were stuck in traffic driving to San Diego for 2 extra hours :(
  • ALWAYS pack snacks in the car if a wife becomes cranky and wants to yell at strangers stuck in traffic. (OR HUSBAND….)
  • The Hollywood Bowl has to be one of the coolest things I have ever been able to see; we watched The Philharmonic play along with famous Oscar songs/movies.
  • Don’t ever underestimate the love of family or friends. Truly so blessed and I’m reminded every time I get to visit them.
  • Husbands make sexy taxi drivers/chauffeurs when running around Los Angeles.


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